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Cedric DuBard

Chief Executive Officer
Our Mission

The mission of Auxilium Market Advisors is to provide client-centric marketing and competitive intelligence services to assist public and private sector entities in attaining their respective strategic goals and target metrics.

This mission is accomplished through providing a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of technology licensing, commercialization, marketing and business development services and developing customized solutions which exceed the requirements and meet the strategic goals of our clients.


Auxilium Market Advisors is led by an experienced professional with 20+ years of experience in marketing management, business development and client services.


  • International relationships and expertise

  • Practical experience in strategic planning and implementation

  • A multidisciplinary analytical and research staff

  • A global network of agents and strategic partner companies providing the capability to meet client requirements in a diverse set of industries & countries with specific expertise in Asian markets

Auxilium Market Advisors

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Capabilities & Services

Principal Capabilities
  • Market Assessments, Technology Assessments, Patent Marketing
  • Patent Search Services
  • Technology Licensing and Commercialization

Other Capabilities and Services
  • Business Development and Market Entry Strategies
  • Marketing Management Services and Consulting
  • Market Research and Competitive Intelligence
  • Technology Surveillance and Data Mining


Auxilium Market Advisors

PO Box 710631

Herndon, Virginia



PHONE: 540-999-8635